Requirements for Image Submissions
EqualPYXX Photo Challenge 2023

In addition to the Conditions of Entry, EqualPYXX also has guidelines concerning technical image quality and compliance with personal rights. Please read them carefully. We would like to point out that failure to comply with these requirements may result in the image material you submit being rejected. Thank you for your understanding.


You may only submit one photo per category, and you cannot submit the same photo for more than one category. You must have taken the photo yourself, and you must not have been generated it using AI. You must be the owner of the unedited original file, which you can submit to EqualPYXX if necessary.

All of the information about the photo must be embedded in the IPTC header, which is an area within the image file reserved for text information. Please do not use the XMP standard for text information and labelling.

Consent of the persons depicted
Any persons who are depicted in the image must have given their consent (those under 18 must provide the signature of a legal guardian). Please complete the consent form and send it to us together with your image.

Sending your files
Once you have completed the registration form and confirmed the conditions of entry, you will receive a link to Swiss Transfer and an email address to enter for the transfer. This information is only to be used to submit the photo and the consent form (if appropriate). Enter your first name and last name and the category in the “Message” field. If you want to submit more than one image (maximum one per category per entrant), complete this process for each image separately.

Technical requirements

File format
The photo must be in JPEG/JPG format, and the consent form in PDF format.

File size
The dimension of the photo should be approximately 3500 x 5000 pixels, and the photo in JPEG/JPG format should not exceed a file size of 8 MB. Additionally, it should not be saved below compression level 8 in Photoshop. For compatibility reasons, please select “Baseline” as the format option, and not “Baseline Optimised” or “Progressive”. If you are working in a calibrated environment, save the colour profile in the image.

File names
The file name of the photo and of the consent form of the persons depicted must be your first and last name written together, followed by the dot and file format.
Example: andreazulauf.jpg or andreazulauf.pdf
If you use a Mac, please remember to include the .jpg extension in the file name so that a PC or Unix platform can recognise the file type. The file name must not contain any special characters (except for underscores and hyphens) or spaces.

Please avoid using the sharpen tool (including with the digital camera).

Guidelines for labelling individual IPTC fields

Description (or caption)
Describe the image content and event: who, what, when, where and why. Please provide the full name (first and last names) and, if relevant, the position or profession of person(s) in the images. At the end of the description, write your name and the category in which you are submitting the photo.
Example: Photo by Andrea Zulauf in Category: New Role Models

Headline (not to be confused with the caption)
Enter the category in which you would like to submit the photo, and your first and last name.
Example: New Role Models Andrea Zulauf

Name of author (or photographer)
Enter your first and last name here.

You can’t be what you can’t see.

The photo shows a woman standing as a leader at a meeting with staff.