EqualVoice Academic Network

EqualVoice Academic Network

Academic research and practical expertise in interaction

Together with our academic partners, we are actively committed to producing scientific analyses on topics relating to equality and diversity. This collaboration enables us to gain comprehensive insights into the complexity and importance of diversity and inclusion in different areas. Our work focuses on capturing a broad range of perspectives and developing innovative solutions to existing challenges. By combining academic research and practical expertise, we strive to produce informed and challenging white papers that not only provide analytical depth, but also serve as a valuable resource for policy development and social change.

Our partners

Our academic partners act as a valuable source of in-depth knowledge and enable an interdisciplinary approach to complex problems. Our EqualVoice Academic Partners.

EqualVoice Academic Network


The International Institute for Management Development (IMD) is an independent academic institute based in Lausanne and Singapore. For more than 75 years, IMD has been a pioneer in the development of managers. With their newly acquired knowledge, they are expected to change companies for the better and thus contribute to the further development of societies around the world.