Imagine Campaign
AI against the Gender Visibility Gap

At EqualVoice, we firmly believe that awareness is the first step towards change. Therefore, in collaboration with the agency andfrank, we have launched an eye-catching awareness campaign. The campaign uses an AI-based image generation tool to illustrate the gender visibility gap and its effects. The generated images vividly demonstrate how the underlying information—often sourced from published media content—leads to the reproduction of common stereotypes.

The idea: While professions in the business world are mostly referred to with English, gender-neutral titles, we humans often automatically think of men. This gender-stereotypical thought pattern has shaped our perception over the years. And it’s not just us humans who are affected, but artificial intelligence as well. Whenever one searches for a “CEO,” “Entrepreneur,” or “Creative Director,” only images of men are generated.

With six motifs, the campaign aims to raise awareness of the Gender Visibility Gap. It is present in both the print titles of Ringier and on the social media channels of EqualVoice.