Photo Challenge

The photo shows a firewoman at work.

The Power of Images

The real world is varied and diverse – and the images used in the Swiss media do not reflect this. Women are strongly underrepresented from a visual perspective. Studies have shown that half of the ten most frequently sold stock photo categories contained women in less than 40% of cases. In various categories like technology and science, women are represented in even less than 20% of images.

Every day we are confronted with stereotypical images, representations and photos. Why do we see images of female nursery teachers, but not male ones? Why is a leader usually portrayed as a man, while there are no female CEOs represented?

“You can’t be what you can’t see.”

This is the mindset that inspired EqualVoice and womenbiz to hold the EqualPYXX Photo Challenge. In cooperation with Keystone-SDA, our aim is to shake up the stereotypes surrounding traditionally established gender roles.

Winners of the EqualPYXX Photo Challenge 2023

Category Break The Bias – Markus A. Jegerlehner, photographer

S.S. is a fully qualified roofer and is now the only woman working in the company in Heimenhausen.

Category Leadership – Jasmin Frei, photographer

A.K. explains rocket science to ETH students in the ETHZ Student Project House.

Category New Role Models – Markus A. Jegerlehner, photographer

I.E., aircraft technician at Swiss International Air Lines during maintenance work on an Airbus A330.

You can’t be what you can’t see.

The photo shows a woman standing as a leader at a meeting with staff.