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EqualVoice supports companies in making gender equality a reality. EqualVoice also provides its internal semantic algorithm for other media companies and corporate communications. By measuring the representation of women and men, companies that publish material have the opportunity to actively promote gender equality. The numbers generated by the EqualVoice Factor sharpen our awareness of the content we publish ourselves and give us the chance to take responsibility.

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The EqualVoice network is growing steadily.
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For media companies – EqualVoice Media Community

By joining the EqualVoice Media Community, media companies can enjoy access to an international industry-specific network. This network provides the opportunity to find out about experiences, best practice and lessons learned in the field of gender equality, and work together to close the gender visibility gap in the media. All member organisations sign the same EqualVoice Media Charter, which obliges media companies to measure the visibility of women and men in their publications.

For businesses – EqualVoice United

15 leading Swiss businesses have signed the charter of EqualVoice United – a community that obliges its members to actively promote gender equality within their businesses – and are part of the EqualVoice United network. This exclusive network comprises executives from various industries, who bring together and share experience and knowledge of prominent businesses, and provides the opportunity for them to individually drive forward gender equality and operate as an attractive employer in the Swiss economy. Gender equality is a management task, and with EqualVoice United we’re able to take responsibility for giving women and men an equal voice in business.



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